simco® drive servo controller now also with a SERCOS III interface

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor is set to unveil the simco® drive servo controller with a SERCOS III interface at the upcoming SPS IPC Drives exhibition from November 28 to 30, 2017. In the future, this compact servo controller – and with it the small servo motors with an integrated screw – can thus be directly connected to the manufacturer-independent automation bus, which is specially designed for Ethernet based communications in real time. The technology of the simco® drive with SERCOS supports highly dynamic and precise motion control applications with complex real-time requirements, for example in the automotive industry, production and packaging machines, machine tools, joining and assembly lines and electronics.

The SERCOS III interface of the simco® drive extends the list of fieldbus interfaces available for the servo controller – CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherNet/IP – with a connectivity and integration option that is relevant for multiple industries.

simco® drive: Designed for dynamics and precision

The servo controllers in the simco® drive series were developed for high performance applications with electronically commutated servo motors in the voltage range from 12 to 60 VDC and 5 kW peak power. The controllers offer very high-resolution current control (up to 14 bit) in measuring applications as well as a high scanning rate of up to 32 kHz. This enables high-precision, dynamic torque control even at high rotating field frequencies. They are equally suited for autonomous positioning with definable trajectories and motion block tables or for closed control loops and cyclic setpoint selection in real time by means of the higher-level controller (PLC). All of this qualifies the servo controllers for use in highly dynamic positioning axes of machines where similarly high processing and data transmission speed requirements apply as well as for implementing complex motion control concepts with central or distributed control and signal processing in real time.

Synchronous motion profiles with a low cycle time

simco® drive servo controllers with a SERCOS interface can be supplied with several different output ratings. They allow cyclic data communications in real time using the FSP Drive profile and the parameters specified there. Synchronization and low cycle times are key communication characteristics. Jitter – fluctuations in the precision of the transmission clock – is likewise only minimal. The familiar axle modules and technology functions of individual PLCs can continue to be used. Apart from realizing synchronous motion profiles in real time, it is therefore also a simple matter to connect and configure the servo controllers in the PLC. Thanks to the simco® drive with a SERCOS III interface, WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s highly dynamic servo controller can now be integrated in the most diverse SERCOS topologies and operated in a network with PLCs and devices from many different manufacturers. More than four million real-time nodes are already installed today in over 500,000 applications1.

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simco® drive: Designed for dynamics and precision.